Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Attempted Life as a Hybrid of Friends and Sex in the City

Today concludes my first official week on the east coast. For now I am a bridge and tunneler, commuting in from the Jersey side, with hopes of soon landing a job and becoming a Manhattanite. The commute isn't bad, only 30 minutes, but its spending my 20s commuting into Manhattan, not spending my 20s in Manhattan -- but all in due time, for in Susan Boyle's words I dreamed a Dream...lets just hope mine happens before I hit middle age status, as she did.

I went into the city everyday last week, and walked all over the upper east side, got lost on the westside and stopped for a bagel in midtown. As I refused to take my mother's advice and bring a pair of shoes to change into when my feet got tired from the heels, I figured if SJP could conquer the city in heels, so could I. Wrong, so very wrong. (And mom I do apologize, I lied and told you that I brought shoes to change into, I didn't). My feet at killing me - so mom you win, again. Still, it was a wonderful feeling to talk down 5th Ave in heels. I went to a coffee shops a few times throughout the week, solo and very unlike the popular sitcom Friends. I got sat next to while waiting for a friend, a horrible experience - I always knew to avoid the getting sat next to for this exact reason. This fella, who must have came from a country where dental care was minimal, went on to explain how he plans to open a restaurant that is unlike anything here in Manhattan, and he would know because he has been here for 2.5 weeks and has eaten at every eatery...and nothing compares to what he plans to open. Couple of things. NYC is one of the eating capitals of the world, people plan their days and weeks around where and with whom they will do lunch. He wants his future wife to step in and waitress and do dishes so he does not have to pay too many upfront this I thought how great can he really make a place if he is looking to slave drive his wife to save a couple extra dollars. He then asked if I was single, before he even finished the sentence I nearly shouted taken. At this point I pretty much got up with no excuse other than a hand gesture that I was done here, and luckily my lunch date had arrived. I do hope for his sake he proves me wrong, and his restaurant is one of NYC's greatest---I'll keep my eyes out for his Russian cuisine to take the city by storm.

Everyone has been very nice and helpful, I even got 5 free postcards from a kind gentleman working a small gift those of you who share the passion of getting postal mail as I do....keep your eyes out. I have to imagine, other than the fact the characters are fictional and literally appeared on a sheet of paper out of no where, that IF they were real, there is no way they started living their fab city lifestyles right away, they had to B&T it for a bit, or live roach infested closet sized apartment status to save up the green to enter into the realm of totally fab. So soon enough I will be amongst the ranks of some of the greats NYC fictional characters to have ever been written.