Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just Dance...In Flight

Not only is Lady Gaga blasting from the nightlife scene...but now she has made her meat wearing self into an airline entity by providing the background music for a Safety Dance on Cebu Pacific Air which creates a new requirement for stewardesses...the ability to just dance.

Right about when you lie your head down to take that in flight snooze Gaga will make her way into your life yet again you will see a miniature coordinated safety routine, I'm just hoping they display it on the television screens in case you do not have a good view from your seat.

It's good that airlines are focused on creating dance routines for safety videos, personally that was always my biggest complaint while flying, forget the delays and hours at security, the mechanical difficulties that cause delays, Im always just thinking..."why isn't the safety demonstration more involved and fun," I'm at least glad they are using their money in positive ways. It makes flying fun right....makes you forget the reason you're being shown this demo is in the unlikely event of a crash...in which that thin strap is imperative for your survival...I mean if you're not wearing it...you have no chance....but securing that flimsy piece of cloth really ups your survival percentage.

Safety Dance:

Monday, October 4, 2010

That Might Have Been Weird

Apparently Michael Jackson, you know the late King of Pop, wanted to make a musical based upon the Harry Potter books. There is no argument saying this would have been an entertaining, cash cow, piece of entertainment...but I think it did raise some questions as to what the King of Pop's motives were...J.K. Rowling may or may not have thought the same thing when she turned down the offer. Were his motives to produce and create what would have undoubtedly been one of the greatest (in my Harry Potter loving/huge respect for MJ as an artist opinion) entertainment pieces of all time...or were his motives to simply lure young ones into his proximity. I guess no matter how incredible the musical was...it would've always had that shadow behind it...somewhat unfortunate because it would have been a collaboration of 2 of the most creative minds of our time in a synergy of music, moonwalking and fantasy that would've blown Glee out of the water (even the highest rated to-date Brittany/Britney episode). Too bad MJ made a few too many of his fantasies a reality.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Naked Cowboy Really Setting Stage for Presidency

"Today, in defense of individual liberty, I am announcing my canidacy for the 2012 election for the Office of the President of the United States of America." - The Naked Cowboy.

And just like that it all makes sense....All those years strumming that guitar, barring his patriotic decorated set of booty shorts for all the world to see...who knew the fabled Naked Cowboy was just setting the stage for his presidential candidacy. Does he finally have enough tourist money to go through with a campaign, and if so will his name appear as follows First name "Naked Cowboy" Last name? If he does not do this I fear people will not know him by his birth name.

He may be brighter than we think on his site (nakedcowboy.com) the gent claims to spend at least 4 hours a day reading and writing....about 1/2 of what most Americans do during their 8 hour work day. Oh and wait a minute....he reads no less than 50 books a year.

I think America finally has a president we can agree all get behind. I can just see rallies now...supporters all sporting the famous patriotic booty shorts....

If only the Naked Cowboy can swindle Sarah Palin onto his ticket as VP....then I think the White House will finally see its dream team....

The official public announcment will come 10/6/10 in Times Square, but for now you can check out http://www.nakedcowboy.com/ to start researching the potential future father of our country....(with this news I think I finally realize things have gone a bit down hill in the US).

CNN Naked Cowboy Article