Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring is in the Air

I have finally come to appreciate why people on the east coast go crazy over the spring and summer - to do a annoying play on words, there seems to be a bit more spring in everyone's step. After a week of horrible rain that caused people to get around by boat, the trees are blooming, the sun is shining and reports 79 and sunny by Wednesday. Being from California I never thought I would be one to become weather obsessed, but for all you who migrated West due to the cold, I get it.

A new show that has started airing during this glorious season is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Oliver went to the most obese town in America and is attempting to reform the eating patterns in the public schools. I do not think the show would take off as it has if Oliver were not British. There is something about discipline coming with an English accent that makes it more credible - the same concept was used for Supernanny. If the host for either of the shows was American born, their direction would not be as well received. The new rules spoken in a British accent make them the right thing, and the proper thing, because the English accent is proper. A drunkard with an English accent looks sober in comparison to a Boston lush. Oliver's attempt to relate to the young American kids is excessive use of the word "Brotha," not brother, its brotha, with emphasis on the tha. Right on Oliver.

Speaking of proper, a New York Senator is also making a campaign to get the American kids up to snuff by "Stopping the Sag." He notes that the first indicator of a trouble maker is the amount of sag their pants Virginia there was a campaign saying "Your Swag is as low as Your Sag." I like this one because again, like Oliver's obsession with "Brotha" he is getting down to the lingo of the kids.

All and all I think dieting in America's youth is a bigger problem than the sag....being Marky Mark is no longer on the scene I have seen a slow fade of the sag. Maybe if someone got a British host to do a show on proper dressing with the saggers of America, then we would see a real reform, but I think until there is the credential of the English accent pants will continue to sag.

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