Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Confession: Awkward

Well. Honestly, I am a little awkward, ok pretty awkward. I have recently moved to the east coast, and have been putting social mel in hibernation a bit while I look for work. Today was the first time I had the opportunity to go out socially with a group of girls for the first time. It was with a cousin and her friends about my age, I thought super, its Cinco de Mayo, why not. So I go. At first I fear I am giving the impression of a stuck up bitch from CA due to my lack of input into the conversation, in my defense I was voted softest speaker in 6th grade.

There was a moment of silence. At this juncture I take it upon myself to bring up a conversation topic, so naturally I bring up how it is unfair to compare Chicago deep dish style pizza to NY style pizza. I launch into to a rather detailed account of each of the pies and then into how they are two completely different forms of meal in and of themselves. Being a food connoisseur I was excited about the topic and did not realize I was dominating the conversation the entire time, while others at the table exchanged nervous glances with one another, with the expression of who the f is she in their eyes. I then decide it was best to quickly wrap up the conversation, but to do so I has to finish my points or else I would've have had no courage or gusto in my "profound" argument, and hence the theory would not have been spread to their friends.

Immediately after I took a large gulp of water wishing it was something stronger, I noticed how awkward it was to start a conversation about a pizza comparison with people who are practically strangers. Thus, I will not hold my breath waiting for "the girls" to call me this weekend - they must be thinking if I was like that sober I must be a horrible drunk.

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