Sunday, May 9, 2010


Since his comeback to the world of golf Tiger has been playing sub par (to do a little play on words) to his normal athletic abilities. He has dropped out of the The Player Championship because of his neck problems that could be a complication of his car accident in November. He has not had a history of neck problems, knee issues he has had, but he has not been shooting the ball as far and has finally figured out the problem....his neck issue is just now taking a precedence in his life since November.

He says that he has been playing through it and cannot do so any longer, yes I am still talking about his golf game not his personal life. But now that I mention it, I know that everyone says that what Mr. Woods does in his personal life does not affect him as a golfer and I absolutely agree. But now that his neck has been acting up, it may be time to examine all possibilities here. I mean logically, the car accident was in November, he has had multiple mistresses of many ages, he is 34 - I think it only proper to question the sexual practices of these rondevues with the mistresses. What exactly were they doing and at any point did Tiger say that a particular maneuver hurt his neck, something like "it just doesn't bend that way anymore" - (in relation to his neck). I'm just saying, it is possible he was doing some activities that compromised the mobility/health of his neck. And we all know Karma sure can be a bitch.

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