Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pizza Eaters: No Loitering

Reallllly? A time limit as to how long I can spend enjoying my pizza? I get the picture, New Yorkers do things quick - walk, talk, work, etc. quick - but I refuse to see pizza eating thrown into this category. For the most part I appreciate the efficiency of New York dwellers - but there is no such thing as efficiency when it comes to eating pizza being there is no way you are consuming based on doctor's orders, for it is a dish of cheese, carbs and grease and most likely you are with company (I hope you are anyways) and therefore it should be a cherished event - not rushed.

I really don't like the "NO LOITERING," it implies that you are doing something wrong, when really you are just being a patron of the establishment.

Also is the 20 minute time limit proportionate to how many slices you get, for example if I get 3 slices am I given a grace period of 30 minutes - not only do I need time to savor my NYC thin crust pizza but I also have to snap myself out of my minor food coma before reviving myself. On that note, does it matter how many people you're with - is every person allotted 20 minutes - therefore a group of 3 would amass 60 minutes? Or is it 20 minutes per pizza session per group based upon trips to the counter. So many questions, so little time.

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  1. I found your blog from twitter, just so you're not weirded out. But I envy that you can even enjoy NY pizza on a daily basis. If I lived there, would eat it weekly