Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rock Bottom FKA The Hulk

It is fair to say the Hogan family has had its fair share of ups and downs.  From Nick driving under the influence and then looking to monetize on it to Linda showing interest in someone who could've went to high school with the Biebs.  Now, finally we have something that sums up the entire Hogan demise in less than a minute through a holiday ad for Rent-A-Center.

Here we see the Hulk as an elf which looks like a replica of the "Buddy"costume from Elf, but made for a 5 year old - RAC probably bought the child's size because they didn't have the budget to afford an adult's size.  Now, it's no secret the Hulk enjoys a tightly fitted ensemble, but usually it is sported while he is in the center of the rink while thousands show their fanship with eyes glued to the TV, rather than an ad that would put shame to even the Lohan family - who has seen more shame in recent years than most families do in a lifetime.  

Ladies and gentlemen - I present to you "Rock Bottom" - formally know as "The Hulk."  

(Picture coming soon).

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