Saturday, December 18, 2010

Age With Grace

There comes an age in a women's life where the dress is just too short and sleeves are no longer an option.  40 is not a time to lose your dignity by wearing a dress found in the BP section of Nordstroms, you have the mom wave - the arms are freckled an it's just not appropriate anymore.  Then to pair this little number with knee/over the knee high boots without tights goes over about as well as Sarah Palin running for office, it is just one of those things that should have never happened and that we try to block from our memory (although some scars run deep) - and I don't care if Teen People named them one of the top 10 trendiest boots of the season.  And daughters do your mothers a favor by simply telling them to stop raiding their closet because Ann Taylor has plenty of classy trendy clothes that she would look fab in.

Also, when Usher or Bieber comes on at your holiday party please subside from screaming and grinding in the center of your husband and his friends, because you just can't get low like you used.

Time and a place ladies - age with grace.

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